25 Activities To Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Family

It is so easy for parents to get caught up in all of the busyness and "to do's" of the holiday season, that sometimes we forget to just stop and take a moment to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

Here are 25 easy activities for your family to enjoy together this month to bring merriment and cheer. You can simply choose from the list each day, or for some extra fun, put all of the activities in a decorated container, and allow the children to draw one or two out each morning after breakfast. Then you can decide how best to fit them into the day.

1. Go to the library and check out some Christmas books you have never read before. Maybe you'll find some new family favorites to read each year!

2. Sit around the kitchen table and sip hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows) while you tell your kids some of your favorite Christmas memories.

3. Everyone put on their favorite pajama's and hop in the car to take a drive around to look at Christmas lights. Be sure to turn the radio on to your favorite Christmas station!

4. Make a snowman out of homemade play-dough. Here is a great recipe!

5. Make a tent out sheets and blankets and hang Christmas lights on the inside.

6. Make paper snowflakes to hang in the window.

7. Squirt shaving cream on a play table or in the bathtub, and everyone use their fingers to draw a winter wonderland.

8. Take a drive in the afternoon to see how many manger scenes and Christmas inflatables you can find.

9. Wad up some paper from the recycling bin and have an indoor snowball fight.

10. Make a star ornament by gluing together small sticks from the yard and hang it on your Christmas tree.

11. Everyone in the family make "costumes" using items from around the house, and re-enact the Christmas story.

12. Make garland out of felt or colored paper and hang it in a doorway or on the fireplace mantel.

13. Make some hand-drawn Christmas cards and mail them to family or friends.

14. Everyone dress up in silly outfits and take pictures.

15. Crank up your favorite Christmas tunes and have a Christmas dance party!

16. Bake some Christmas cookies and surprise the neighbors.

17. Trace everyone's hands on green paper, and glue them around a paper plate to make a wreath to hang on the door.

18. Take pictures of each other and print them out. Make frames using popsicle sticks and give them to the grandparents to hang on their Christmas tree.

19. Take all of the pillows in the house and put them in a pile on the floor. Everyone take turns jumping into the pile or have a family pillow fight!

20. Have the kids put on their bathing suits and goggles and go "swimming" in the bathtub. If the tub is big enough, mom and dad should join them!

21. Make sock puppets and have a Christmas "Carol-oke" performance.

22. Go online to find the story of St. Nicholas and read it together as a family.

23. Watch your favorite Christmas movie in the middle of the afternoon.

24. Read about the story of the candy cane while eating candy canes.

25. Go long-distance Christmas caroling. Call some friends or family members who live far away and sing your favorite Christmas carol to them over the phone.

I hope you take the time this month to enjoy some or all of these fun activities. Your kids will have a blast and for a moment each day, you can forget about all of the decorating, baking, shopping and wrapping you have to do...and be a kid yourself!


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