Keep Your Kids Occupied!

by Alberta Johnson
How many times have you been in the middle of something, when, all of a sudden, your door opens, and it's your child saying "Mommy/Daddy, I'm bored......" ?
You usually just groan and say "Honey, go play with your toys or watch tv...."
Well, sometimes that works and sometimes, you have to stop what you're doing and think of an activity to keep your child busy and out of your hair for awhile.
Children--especially young children--get bored easily. They need a constant string of activities to keep themselves occupied.
One of the more popular activities for children is making art projects. They absolutely love art!
So I'm going to do something special for you and your business. I'm going to share one of my more popular art projects with you. It will give your children a fun activity to do, keeping them occupied for a couple of hours--giving you a chance to finish that business report or project that's due today.
Grade Level: 1st or 2nd Gr.
colored construction papers-3 x 6" in size, in various colors, 12 x 18" black construction paper, glue, scissors, pencils, erasers, zeroxed sheets of animals, scraps for practice drawings

  1. Use one 12 x 18" black sheet to draw one large animal (rabbits, elephants, turtles, pigs, etc.) that nearly fills the paper.
  2. Choose several 3 x 6" colors for your animal's body parts.
  3. Take one 3 x 6" color and cut it into 1/2" wide strips.
  4. Next, cut a 1/2" strip into smaller squares, approximately 1/2" in size. Now you have a small pile of tiny squares that are about 1/2" x 1/2".
  5. Use these small squares to fill in a part of the animal's body. (Spread a small amount of glue where you want the squares to go. Place the squares carefully on the glue, close together.)
  6. When one part of the body is filled, choose another part of the body to fill. (If you have squares left, use those squares to fill another part of the body that you want to be that same color.)
  7. When you're ready, choose another 3 x 6" color and cut it into the 1/2" x 1/2" squares. Use these to fill the next part of the body that you chose.
  8. Repeat this process until all parts of the animal's body are filled.
  9. Put away to dry.

Alberta Johnson may be contacted at Click here to view more of their articles.
Alberta Johnson is the Editor/Publisher of "K-6 Art Lesson Plans", a web site that offers weekly art lessons geared towards Kdg. through 6th gr. children. These lesson plans have goals, objectives, assessments, and color photos. Children have great fun with them, and parents, teachers, scout and club leaders love them, too. Visit our site at:



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