Christmas Tree Decorations - Family Craft

Nothing says family time better than decorating the tree together as a family and enjoying lots of laughter. And nothing makes the decorations more personal than if they are made by the family. Here are some great craft ideas for making decorations.

Popcorn Balls

You can make popcorn balls and then string them to hang on the tree as ornaments. Here's a great bunch of ideas on making them, including using dye to add color.

More about popcorn balls


Popcorn String


4 Popcorn String Christmas Garland

This is a simple, time-honored favorite! Kids of all ages can help string the popcorn, with a little extra supervision for the little ones.

Some tips:

  • Be sure to give them thimbles to protect their sweet fingers.
  • Cross stitch needles work well for this as their points are less dangerous.
  • Stale popcorn works better ... so pop it the day before (then pop some for eating while you work).
  • Add dried fruits or other natural items to the string. 

It does take a good bit of time, so this is a good activity to do while watching a class Christmas movie.

After Christmas, hang the popcorn on a tree outside as a great treat for the birds.


Paper Chain

5 Paper Chain Garland

Another classic, this one is SUPER EASY for the kids to do. Use construction paper or scrapbooking paper for a variety of colors & patterns. Prepare your paper by cutting it into 1" strips. Then, the kids can easily loop the strips inside one another and close them either using tape (double sided can be hidden) or glue. 




Light Bulb Santa Ornaments

I LOVE how adorable this craft is while at the same time it teaches your kids about recycling. How to make Light Bulb Santas


Cookie Ornaments

6 Cookie Ornaments

There are many variations on this old fashioned favorite. You can make the dough from cookie dough, salt dough, bread dough or even from store bought modeling clay. Then use your cookie cutters to get the shapes you want, bake them (or other method depending on your dough) and then paint and decorate.

This is a great way to create adorable oranments that will make great heirlooms for years to come.




More great ideas for Christmas Tree decorations to make:


Most of all, have fun being a mom this Christmas!


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