Creating a Family Advent Tradition

I knew I wanted to make an Advent calendar for our family and saw many cute ideas online. But it was important for me to keep our Advent celebration focused on Christ. I came across this wonderful online book called The Jesus Advent Devotional: The Jesse Tree Celebration. The devotional is a 25 day journey, each day containing a scripture passage from the Old Testament pointing to the coming of Christ, a family devotion and challenge, and a beautiful illustration to be used as an ornament.


I love the devotional and would like to use it in the future, so I wanted to make my ornaments extra nice and worth saving. I printed the beautiful ornament illustrations onto white card-stock and carefully cut them with a scrapbook style cutting tool that can be found at your local hobby/craft store. These are great to use because you get perfectly straight lines.



Using spray adhesive, I glued the ornament illustration onto Christmas scrapbook paper cut slightly larger than the illustration, and then glued that onto a piece of solid colored card-stock cut slightly larger than the Christmas scrapbook paper. These three layers give the look of a frame, matte, and picture. On the opposite side, I glued the same size square of Christmas scrapbook paper as before, and then glued the number of the corresponding day in the center with a small solid colored card stock "frame" around it. I made the numbers by typing 1 - 25 in a Word document using size 80 font.



After allowing the spray adhesive to dry for 5-10 minutes, I applied Mod Podge to one side with a sponge tipped applicator. After another 5-10 minutes of drying, I applied it to the other side.



After allowing the Mod Podge to completely dry and harden, I hung the ornaments with clothespins on a strand of twine to display the numbers for our Christmas Day countdown.



Each night, we will light a candle and sit down and read from the devotional.



When we are finished reading, the boys will take turns hanging the ornament for the day.



I am so exited about our new family Advent tradition! I really feel like it will help to keep our focus on Christ above all of the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season. 




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Link to the book

I had a really hard time finding the actual link to download the book, even after subscribing to their email updates. Finally, I subscribed to the RSS feed and found the link to the PDF here:

Great stuff! I can't wait to start this with the family.

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