Light Bulb Santa Ornaments

Here's a great way to recycle light bulbs! Make a bunch of them to hang on the tree or give as gifts. This is a great craft to sit down and do with the kids.

Burnt out light bulb small piece of sandpaper white, flesh or beige, and red acrylic paints small paintbrush snow textured paint
1~Start with any size or shape burned out light bulb. Sand it lightly with sandpaper so the paint will adhere better. Paint the glass with a base coat of white acrylic paint.
2~Holding the light bulb with the skinnier side up, paint a 1 - 1 1/2" circle in beige or flesh on the wider part of the bulb for Santa's face.
3~Paint snow textured paint over the white paint.
4~Paint facial features and rosy cheeks on the beige. Tip: The rosy cheeks can be done with lipstick.
5~Paint the metal portion of the bulb red for Santa's hat.
6~Finish off by glueing a cotton ball on the very top of the hat. Also glue some stretched cotton around the base of the hat. Hot glue a piece of red ribbon to hang by.
Copyright, 2000, Monica Resinger

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