Give Cupid Poop for Valentine's Day

This is a funny, cute gift for Valentine's. Your kids will love giving it to their friends, teachers, etc.

Put some cinnamon red hot heart shaped candies in a zip lock bag and give with this poem attached:
I couldn't send you flowers, and candy wouldn't do.
And mushy cards just didn't say the things I want them to.
So I got you something special, and here's the inside scoop.
I found you something very rare - It's genuine Cupid poop!



absolutely hiLARious! I have been wanting to come up with something a bit more original than taping packages of conversation hearts to the outside of the kids' valentines. They will absolutely relish in this! Thanks for the great idea :-)

Michele Shepherd
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Valentine's Poop!

My four year old will LOVE this idea. Thanks!!!

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