4 Fun Kid's Crafts Using Household Items

by Shelley Taylor
The kids are back in school and soon the flip-flops and swimsuits will be replaced with mittens and boots. The kids will be spending more time inside with more time to say, “I’m bored!”. To keep the little ones busy try these fun craft ideas.
1) Egg Carton Caterpillar
You'll need:
-The bottom of an egg carton (top removed)
-A pipe cleaner
-non-toxic paint
To Make:
-Take an egg carton and carefully rip the top off. Then carefully rip the bottom part in half so you have two different pieces for two caterpillars.
-Turn one half of the egg carton over so the "bumpy" pieces are on top.
-Have the kids paint their caterpillar with non-toxic paints. Don't forget to have your kids paint eyes in the front.
-Cut a pipe cleaner in half and tape or staple each piece to the top of the egg carton for antennas.
2) Coffee Filter Butterflies
You'll need:
-coffee filters
-pipe cleaners
-non-toxic colored markers
To Make:
-Have the kids decorate the coffee filters with the markers
-When they are done, pinch each coffee filter in the center and tie with a pipe cleaner
-Extend the pipe cleaners for the antennas
-Fan out the coffee filter for wings.
3)Paper Plate Sun Catcher
You'll need:
-2 paper plates
-colored cellophane paper
-a hole punch
-string or yarn
To Make:
-Cut out a large circle in the middle of the two paper plates
-Glue the cellophane paper to cover the hole on one paper plate
-Glue the two paper plates together
-Use the hole punch to make a hole on top of the plates
-Tie your string through the hole and you have a sun catcher
Hint: Hang from the ceiling by a sunny window
4) Binoculars
***This is an easy craft for younger children. It allows them to explore their world using different colored "lenses" and gives their imagination a workout.
You'll need:
-2 empty toilet paper rolls
-2 rubber bands
-Colored plastic wrap cut into squares about 4 x 4 inches (adjust as needed). These will be the "lenses".
-Magic markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, etc.
Hint: Saran wrap makes plastic wrap in a few different colors like rose, blue and yellow

To Make:
-Decorate the toilet paper rolls using crayons, markers, glitter, stickers, etc.
-Take an empty roll and put a colored plastic wrap square evenly over one end of the roll
-While holding it in place, put a rubber band over it to secure it
-Repeat with the other roll and plastic wrap square
-Change the color of the "lenses" so your kids can explore with color
Shelley Taylor may be contacted at http://www.singleparentcentral.com/ editor@singleparentcentral.com. Click here to view more of their articles. Shelley Taylor is the Creator of www.SingleParent Central.com, offering resources and information for single parent families. She also maintains the home-based biz site, http://mymomsbiz.cjb.net


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