10 Inexpensive, Easy and Time Saving Ways to Clean Up Around the House

Cleaning the house doesn't have to take a lot of time, effort or money. It can be done more quickly and easily than ever before!

As someone who is constantly on the look out for faster and easier ways of "getting the job done" I have tried most everything. What follows are my top 10 favorite tips.

  1. Use mineral oil to remove soap scum from shower and bath enclosures and doors.
  2. Clean mirrors with a combination of ammonia and water. Wipe with old newspapers for a streak free result.
  3. Eliminate mold and mildew around bathtub caulking. Dampen a paper towel with bleach and mold it to the soiled caulking. Let it sit for about a half hour. Return, remove and find caulking sparkling white!
  4. Scrub tile or linoleum floors with a combination of ammonia and water.
  5. Preserve sponges longer by microwaving for one minute or by placing them in the top rack of the dishwasher before turning it on.
  6. Clean microwave with dish soap and water immediately after microwaving sponge. Dirt will be loosened and easier to remove.
  7. Dust quickly and easily by using a "Swiffer" cloth.
  8. Vacuum mini blinds clean using your vacuum attachment that has a brush.
  9. Use vinegar to clean water deposits left on water dispensers (such as the kind on your refrigerator door or those used under bottled water)
  10. Throw used dryer sheets in the waste paper baskets to keep them smelling fresh.

by Jacqueline McLaughlin Hale edits the website Between Friends.org (http://www.betweenfriends.org). 


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