10 years of MommyTips - Online Friendships

Wow... life has been speeding by! I can't believe it has now been 10 years since I started goofing around trying to learn how to build websites and ended up building MommyTips! During this "birthday month" celebration, I am enjoying looking back at some of the cool women I met through MommyTips who changed my life.

It didn't take long for me to find some cool women who also wanted to chat about the mom-life online and the MommyTips community was born. I suddenly had really close friends who I had never (and still have never) met from all over the world.  But we met online each day to share the laughter and pain that every day life brings. We celebrated new births and mourned losses, we swapped parenting tips and even debated different perspectives on everything. How cool is that?

Over the years relationships have changed, but the bonds we built online make it easy to reconnect and "catch up" quickly. I have learned SO much incredibly valuable information from my online moms and I don't know HOW I would have survived motherhood this far without them.

Thanks & big {hugs} to all the MT ladies in my life! Please comment & share some of your fondest MT memories.


 Here are some fun "looking back" links:

The MT "Hall of Fame" Wink ... some our first members:

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