The MommyTips Story

When my twins were born (and during my pregnancy), I became an internet junkie. I wanted every little bit of info I could find about parenting. Through all my searching and scouring the web, I became inspired to start my own site that had all the info in one place and a group of moms who could help each other out online. I didn't have web building experience but I was doing freelance graphic design at the time ... so how hard COULD it be to design a website? ha!

As I tend to do everything the hard way, this was no exception. I plugged away and learned through trial and error until I had built a monster size site with thousands of articles, tips, recipes, an active discussion community, etc. NOW I was going to make it rich too - or so I thought. As soon as the site became popular enough to really make good money on advertising, there was this thing called the Dot.Com Bomb! oops!! So much for gettin' rich ;)

After a couple years, I sold the site to my good friend Christie Ayers and began doing freelance web design and marketing. Around this point Bobby started seminary. He quit his job, we sold our house, boat, truck, furniture, etc. to move into the hood and do inner city ministry in Atlanta. That's a whole other story, but it explains why I was "away" from working on MommyTips for so long.

Last year, I really began missing writing and doing "mom stuff" online. As God's timing would have it, Christie was moving into another era of her life and was ready to sell MommyTips. So that's what I got for Christmas - my first website baby back. lol

I've been working to do a lot of updates on the site and there is still a lot of info to add to the "new" site but I am excited to be back to helping moms online. I know how much online support helped me make it through those early years with the twins and even now as they enter that scary tweenager phase. I hope ya'll enjoy hanging out and sharing some stuff with each other as we help each other.

Being a mom is the most awesome thing in the world. It can be stressful and make you want to run away, but after a bit of silence, we go running back to the chaos because we love it.

Have fun being a mom!