Laugh & Learn about Childbirth

Since it has been almost 12 years since I experienced childbirth, I really felt like I needed a refresher course. This video SO did the trick. I learned a lot and it was enjoyable at the same time.

The DVD is a filming of an actual small class held by Sheri Bayles (RN and Lamaze Educator). But it is ANYTHING other than boring. She has a great sense of humor and ability to state everything in simple methods. She tends to burn the important things into your head before you realize it has happened. I was left feeling equiped and comforted by the knowledge she gave. 

It is very likely that I may be having a c-section for this birth, so I skipped a few parts. The sections on labor signs was great! And then the section on c-sections really helped me, even though I've lived through it once before. I feel like had I had this knowledge 12 years ago, I would have chosen to do things differently during the birth of my twins.

I love that she isn't condemning about whatever birth choice you make, and she isn't pushing a rigorous breathing technique. Sheri is more about making you comfortable with what is happening, helping you know what to expect, and empowering you to make your own choices toward having a healthy delivery.

I am really challenged by her advice for c-section recovery. She says to get out of bed quickly and STAY out of bed (meaning like in chairs). I know that I will want to cower and just stay in bed, but I also know that's the worst thing to do. I feel much more encouraged after watching this DVD.

There are 2 more videos in the series about breastfeeding and baby care. I look forward to watching those next.


Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this DVD free of charge and the Amazon link is an affiliate link. Please note this is my true, unbiased opinion. Smile


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