Pregnancy Fitness

In my first pregnancy, I think I was too terrified of something going wrong to REALLY exercise. Admittedly, I wasn't much of a fitness fan BEFORE getting pregnant, so I certainly wasn't going to become one when I felt everything was fragile.

Now I realize the importance of building fitness DURING your pregnancy. I mean, you will need those muscles more than ever to carry that baby bump and for sure when it comes time to deliver.

So for this pregnancy, I am starting things off right. Don't think I was a major fitness buff beforehand this time either. I would call myself a moderately fit gal. I AM overweight, BUT I do try to get in some cardio & strength exercises a couple times a week.

Here are some great finds to help you focus on fitness during YOUR pregnancy:

10 Minute Solution - Prenatal Pilates


I've never been to a pilates class or owned a pilates video before. I'll admit I don't really know what makes pilates different from any other exercise. But I received this video to review, and I gave it whirl.

I REALLY like it!! The exercises aren't too hard to keep up with and maneuver YET I felt like it REALLY worked the muscles in a good way. I LOVE the 10 minute segments! You can pick one, or create your own program of 2-5 segments and it will play it back in the order you setup (pretty cool).

I did have to skip a few reps here and there, but it wasn't too bad. I REALLY like that just when I felt ready to give up, the 10 minutes was UP and I was finished. That feeling of accomplishment, allowed me to go on to another segment and I made it through again.

The only equipment necessary is pillows & some hand weights.

There's no hype from the trainer on the video, just basic teaching & guiding. This is one I plan to do daily! I guess I should go figure out what "pilates" means now. Wink


Prenatal Workouts

First impression...Gabrielle Reece is SUPER TALL! Wow! This workout video offers a little bit different approach. She filmed this in real time throughout her 2nd pregnancy. So you can workout along with her with specific exercises for each month of pregnancy.

This one seems to be fairly low intensity compared to the others I've reviewed and remember, I'm ONLY a moderate level fitness gal. I think I will do it again on days when I just can't muster up more energy. It IS great for those who maybe have NOT been working out at all prior to getting pregnant!

On the down side, you DO need a lot of equipment for this one: ball, chair, stretch band, weights. You CAN make do without some of them but I was left out in a couple exercises.

Be sure to watch the "conversation" in the Special Features section. I think there is a lot of really good information there about fitness during pregnancy and the benefits of working out while pregnant. I like what she said in the "conversation" section about she doesn't try to get BACK into shape AFTER pregnancy, she tries to STAY fit throughout the pregnancy.

One shocking thing I learned is that it is recommended to do 200 Kegels per DAY while pregnant (holding each one for 10 seconds). WOA!


Disclaimer: I did receive FREE copies of these DVD's for the purpose of review. Also, the links to the products are affiliate links and if you purchase through my link, I receive a commission. HOWEVER… these ARE my honest opinions. Laughing out loud


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