It was a way cool book! I've read better but I still enjoyed this book a lot! It's a great book that I would recommend.

I confess, I HATE cleaning! I do love having a clean house, but not enough to really work hard at it. But I'm married to a neat freak so I have learned a lot of ways to compromise and change my habits over the years. Here are some of my favorite tips that don't require too much extra effort:

This is an article filled with recipes for edible crafts and many edible Play Dough recipes, even edible paint and more!! Enjoy these fun projects with your children by letting your imagination be your guide be an "un-grownup", it's FUN!

Cleaning the house doesn't have to take a lot of time, effort or money. It can be done more quickly and easily than ever before!

Have buckets of fun with these water crafts like "Beach in a Baggie", "Fish In The Water Pictures" & "Balloon Yo-Yo's" this summer! 

As the years go by, it seems to become more and common for parents to be expected to give gifts to their children's teachers at school. For many families, there's a fine line between showing appreciation and going broke. Finding just the right gift -- at just the right price -- can be challenging at best. And besides, how many apple-decorated key hains or coffee mugs can one teacher use?

 This is a super-fun craft to make and it is a perfect father's day gift for the hubby and even the grand fathers.

I couldn't take my hands off of this thrilling book! It is by far one of the best books I've read!!! A must reader!

WOW! I am amazed with the awesomeness of this book! Marlow is so skilled that even if I wasn't reading I felt sad if Andi had been last I read! I recommend this book to people of all ages!

Wow... life has been speeding by! I can't believe it has now been 10 years since I started goofing around trying to learn how to build websites and ended up building MommyTips! During this "birthday month" celebration, I am enjoying looking back at some of the cool women I met through MommyTips who changed my life.