Overweight kids ... what should a mom do?

How did we get here?  Despite having attempted to raise healthy kids … I have overweight kids!

Having struggled with weight my whole life, from day one with my kids, I wanted to do everything possible to teach them healthy habits. Their first solid food was AVACADOES because it was healthier (Super Baby Food).  I succeeded in creating good eaters! My kids never went through the "chicken nuggets only" phase and they even get excited about brussel sprouts and squash.  We limit sugar, rarely serve sodas or other drinks … so what is the deal?
All I can say it that it HAS to just boil down to genetics sometimes. Because here we are at 11 years old and fighting obesity anyway. So where do we go from here?
It is important as parents to realize that defining obesity in children is different than adults. We have to evaluate carefully when it is time to intervene and how to handle that. The last thing in the world I want is to create a feeling of failure or trigger those low self-esteem issues by making my kids FEEL FAT.  Yet, I realize it is time to do more than just TALK about healthy.
Ramping up the healthy kid promotion in our house will definitely mean that Mom & Dad have to join in. We can't expect the kids to make choices and give up beloved foods if they see us cheating and skimming (and you KNOW they see everything at this age). So this means that we must be ALL IN!
So here we go … we are starting the family fitness campaign. Follow along with us and let's see what happens. Register and comment on this story so you can stay updated.
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