Weight Watchers Family Power

This is a great book, to jumpstart your family fitness lifestyle change. It is written in an easy-to-read manner, with lots of bullet points and real life stories of how families have applied the theories mentioned in the book.


The book is based on using five simple rules to achieve a healthy weight home. These rules are simple, basic things that every family can do. This book makes it clear that in order to have a healthy weight home, everyone in the house must support and follow these rules. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the importance of the parent as a role model for healthy choices an active lifestyle. Obviously this puts a lot of pressure on the parent -- and sometimes we don't want to hear that -- but it is the inevitable truth.


I like how the book focuses on supporting a positive self image and not on "losing weight". Although weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight are addressed in the book, the main focus is on an easily achieved healthy lifestyle.


One interesting thing, which I had never read before, discussed watching out for overweight children and helping to slow down the rate of weight gain at a very early age.  Of course, dieting or weight loss was not recommended for young children, however, it did stress the importance of being preventative.


I would like to have seen a little more specific or technical information in the book.  It mentioned, not counting calories - simply making wise choices and eating correct portion sizes. However, there is no specific list of healthy foods to choose from, or specific portion size guidelines. I love how they recommend incorporating treats (which are those items you eat, just because they are good) as a regular part of life and do not treat them as some forbidden fruit that you want to devour while no one is looking.


So while this book is not an all in one solution, (you will need to find other sources for sample food lists, etc.) it is a very simple, clearly presented, style of living that can easily be applied to your family.

Check it out


Awesome review of a great

Awesome review of a great book. Thanks a lot for the recommendation!

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